All You Need To Know About August’s Samsung Unpacked 2022

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I'm an American who's lived in South Korea for 9 years. Here are 9 things I don't miss about the US.

When I moved to Asia, I left behind pricey doctor appointments, tipping rules, and in-unit laundry. Almost 10 years later, I still don't miss them.

Understanding Infant Behavior and Development by Month

To understand your infant more, we should be able to identify their behavior and development through time.

Flying Solo With Kids? Here's How To Make The Plane Ride Easier

Travelling with young ones is never easy, but here's what to do it when there's no other parent or caregiver to help you out

‘Done shooting? Let’s go eat!’: man’s fabricated video proof to mother he is trying to date amuses China with funny outtake

The man attended a matchmaking event to show his mum he was trying to find a girlfriendBut he forgot to edit out the part where he asks his friend to ditch the gathering to go have a meal A delightful video of a man filming himself at a matchmaking event, and then forgetting to edit himself telling his friend to ditch the function, racked up millio...

Visual artist’s surreal exhibition at Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun centre is a multisensory experience for visitors to lose themselves in

Pipilotti Rist's 'Behind Your Eyelid' show transforms the former police compound with captivating works that walk a fine line between comical and critical Tickets for the main show at the JC Contemporary building cost between HK$65 and HK$95, but her other works placed across Tai Kwun are free to view Hong Kong needs a break, and Pipilotti Rist is ...

Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki eyed for new series by My Liberation Notes director; Kim So-hyun to star in webtoon adaptation Is It a Coincidence? – K-drama casting latest

Han Ji-min and Lee Min-ki are mulling offers to star in the upcoming series Hip, which will chronicle the lives of people in the countryside involved in farming Kim So-hyun has been cast as the lead in the webtoon adaptation Is It a Coincidence?, and Cha Eun-woo is considering a role in the upcoming Irresistible Love Despite floods around Seoul and...

Hong Kong Palace Museum to support repatriating cultural heritage in line with central government’s efforts, director says

Louis Ng's first public statement on the museum's position regarding restitution comes as he takes the Post on a behind-the-scenes tour of the institution He does not rule out the potential for collaboration with Taipei's National Palace Museum, referencing a past partnership between Beijing and Taipei The Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) will suppor...

'It's really irritating': Madonna's son David Banda wears her clothes 'better' than her

Madonna has gushed over her good-looking son David Banda and admitted it's annoying he looks better in her clothes than she does.

Pop-up Cinnamoroll-themed cafe at Orchard Central from Aug. 19, 2022

Money Cinnamorolling out of your wallet.

10 Things Parents Need to Know About the Gifted Education Programme

Most Singaporeans would have heard of the GEP, but many possess piecemeal knowledge about this MOE initiative.

11 Animal Farms in Singapore to Explore With Your Kids

Children may enjoy their best animal encounters, and they could spend a day exploring places outside their homes.

Singapore's Giant Panda Cub Le Le Celebrates A One-derful Birthday

On this bear-y special day, we track milestones of this miraculous offspring of Giant Pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

21 Examples of Toxic Parenting and 7 Toxic Parent Traits

Children living and growing up with dysfunctional families can pose adverse effects on children that could last a lifetime.

The luxury houses opening restaurants all around the world

Gennady Oreshkin enters an elevated culinary world of fashion restaurants, where he soon finds himself in an indulgent spiral As luxury purveyors of the lifestyle universe have rushed to diversify by opening cafes and restaurants around the world, consider the case of Christian Dior and his tome, La Cuisine Cousu-Main (1972). A high-fashion cookbook first conceived in the 1930s when Dior holidayed in the South of France, it was illustrated by...

Xiaomi Claims Its New Humanoid Robot, CyberOne, Can Read Human Emotions

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When Do Babies Sleep For 12 Hours Straight? Find Out in This Baby Sleep Chart!

Are you wondering when do babies sleep for 12 hours straight? Check it on this baby sleep chart by age and know when!

What Do PM Lee, Fencer Amita Berthier And Lady Gaga Have In Common?

Answer: They're part of the 10% of the world's population that is left-handed.

Get Organised: Trip Tips From A Type-A Holiday Planner

Make spreadsheets your best friend, get real-time alerts on favourable exchange rates, and other must-adopt pointers from a traveller who has it all sorted.

How to train your intuition and learn to trust it, and how one person who listened to hers found a new and fulfilling life

Corie Chu found her calling as a reiki practitioner after quitting her well-paying job and moving to a place where she knew no one - all based on her gut feeling We are all intuitive beings, but the challenge is knowing how to tune into our instincts and trust it to make decisions. Self-awareness is key, one expert says In 2011, Corie Chu quit a we...

How Hong Kong gets Hungry Ghost Festival all wrong, following superstitions not rooted in its Buddhist origins

Hong Kong celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival a day earlier than Chinese communities in Southeast Asia, and there are a couple of theories as to whyFrom avoiding char siu restaurants to making lavish offerings for spirits of deceased relatives, some city customs are the products of confusion and pop culture The Hungry Ghost Festival, or Yu Lan Fes...

What To Do This Weekend (12 to 14 Aug)

Explore a delicious new Subway museum, learn more about the 7th Lunar Month at Haw Par Villa's Spirits Festival, and more this weekend

Vietnamese mum-to-be with obvious baby bump dresses as Pigsy from ‘Journey to the West’

One way to welcome a new addition to the family.

Sights to Check Out at Zhongshan Park Singapore

The park caters to individuals living in the area or those who want to go out of the building nearby.

What is the ‘glazed donut look’? How Hailey Bieber achieves dewy complexion that’s become a trend

Much like K-beauty's 'glass skin', glazed donut skin is plumped, moisturised, nourished and luminous - but there are fewer steps required to achieve itThe trend has also filtered into nail art with the birth of 'glazed donut nails' - a pale-white, pearly polish that has become one of Bieber's go-to looks When model and influencer Hailey Bieber laun...

Next-Generation Ford Edge Revealed In China With All-New Look

Everything has changed, including size and the number of seats.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Keeps Design, Goes Slim With Better Screen And Camera

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‘She is going to roll her eyes’: Chinese internet pokes fun at husband who gifted wife ‘awesome’ commemorative plaque after giving birth to their daughter

The plaque commemorated his wife's accomplishment of giving birth to a baby girl This gift is a bit of an inside joke for the couple, as the husband had given her a similar gift last year to celebrate their love A lighthearted stainless steel plaque that a father gave to his wife after the birth of their daughter, continuing a romantic tradition fo...

Prizes ‘cow, goats and pigs’: China’s farmer version of NBA rivals professional games with carnival atmosphere

In-flight meals made partly from insects a Japanese airline’s contribution to promoting food sustainability

Two in-flight meals introduced by budget airline Zipair contain ground-up crickets. To minimise food waste, the burger and pasta dishes are cooked to order The nutritious insects are a more sustainable food source than beef, pork or chicken, and the move is a response to UN's forecast of animal-based food shortages Japanese budget airline Zipair is...

Kim Kardashian reveals how she'd style her Beats x Kim headphones

Kim Kardashian says her Beats x Kim headphones are "chic" enough to compliment any "monochromatic" look.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Vs Vivo X80 Pro: Battle Of The Camera Powerhouses

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‘Not without my corgi’: divorce in China turns nasty after couple can’t agree on custody of pet dog

A court has had to mediate between a childless couple seeking a divorce after they could not agree on custody of their pet dogAfter the story was reported, it caused widespread online conversation in China about the fate of pets in a divorce A divorce settlement in China stalled after the couple were unable to agree on custody of their pet corgi ha...

Belgian Gear Maker Richa Releases Brooklyn 2 Riding Pants

Keep your casual style on point while staying safe and protected.

A Guide to Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Singapore

Planning a trip to Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Singapore? Here's a quick guide to fully experiencing the area's heritage.

When Children Feel Rejected by Their Father, the Effects Are Worse!

Did you know about the devastating effects of the times children feel rejected by their parents? It's worse when the rejection comes from the father.

Takashimaya's mooncake fair back with more than 50 brands, sampling available


American breakfast eatery Clinton Street Baking Company closing in S'pore on Aug. 30, 2022

Farewell. :(

Macna Introduces Its The Breeze Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Make even the hottest summer rides a breeze.

Looking back on Issey Miyake’s most iconic moments

From patented pleats to Steve Jobs‘ signature black turtleneck, designer Issey Miyake transformed Japan’s fashion scene. The news of his demise at the age of 84 years has us reminiscing about his greatest hits. Miyake was suffering from cancer and passed away at an age of 84 on August 5. The news of his demise reached the international media today after public broadcaster NHK and other Japanese media organisations reported the same. Born in 1938...

Stella McCartney backs £164m eco-fund to help production of sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney is backing a £164million eco-fund to help the production of sustainable fashion.

The lady is a vamp! Heidi Klum jokes she sucks younger husband's blood to maintain youthful looks

Heidi Klum joked that being a vampire and sucking her younger husband's blood stops her ageing.

Will China’s art market and exhibition scene recover any time soon following Covid lockdowns?

Some gallerists see recovery as still some way off as Shanghai and Beijing bustle to resume exhibitions suspended by China's spring Covid-19 lockdownsInsiders says recent stand-out Shanghai shows include Jennifer Guidi at Long Museum (West Bund), Ma Qiusha at Longlati Foundation and Thomas Demand at UCCA Edge Shanghai and Beijing's art districts ha...

Jennifer Lopez to answer questions about JLo Body Booty Balm

Jennifer Lopez will answer questions about her most recent beauty product this week.

Your Hungry Ghost Festival survival guide: don’t ‘borrow’ an umbrella, use a bus shelter at night or tap someone’s shoulder

During the Hungry Ghost Festival, the deceased visit the living world. To avoid incurring the wrath of a spirit, there are things you should and shouldn't do Don't 'borrow' an umbrella - it might be housing a wandering ghost; don't tap anyone's shoulder (and don't let anyone tap yours); and don't schedule a wedding The rainy season is in full swing...

Gen Zs vs Older Colleagues: A Showdown on Modern Work Ethics

Mental health, job-hopping, work stress—nothing is off the (ping pong) table for this intergenerational showdown. The post Gen Zs vs Older Colleagues: A Showdown on Modern Work Ethics appeared first on RICE.

Vomiting in Babies: What’s Normal And What’s Not?

Vomiting is a normal part of the feeding process but how do you know what is normal or abnormal? Most babies recover from nausea and vomiting without treatment but it is still important to know when to seek help if your child does not get better.

Grief and Sacrifices Aside, Dementia Caregivers Find the Heart to Love

When there's nothing else to give, who can care for our caregivers? The post Grief and Sacrifices Aside, Dementia Caregivers Find the Heart to Love appeared first on RICE.

‘Secret squad’ of Asian elephants in China help police track and capture 5 people trying to cross border to Laos illegally

Authorities responding to reports of Asian elephants on a road stumbled upon a group of five people trying to make an illegal border crossingThe elephants followed the group towards the Laos border, allowing officers to pursue and arrest them with ease A family of "crime-busting" Asian elephants have aided Chinese authorities in the arrest of five ...

Boy’s US$300,000 hobby: dad’s Ultraman card purchase for son receives backlash, described as ‘throwing money into a bottomless pit’

One father had confessed to spending US$300,000 on superhero trading cards to further son's collecting hobby Ultraman cards come in packs of 5, with prices ranging from 2 yuan (3 US cents) to more than 10,000 yuan (US$1,500), with some for even higher A father in China has spent almost 2 million yuan (US$300,000) indulging his son's hobby of collec...